Document Libraries

As your business grows it becomes ever more important to have all your documents stored away in an orderly fashion with the ability to access them quickly – anytime, anywhere.

We specialise in this space, with our document library solution forming part of our product ‘DataEngineRoom’. DataEngineRoom allows the user/s to upload or simply email documents into cloud-hosted libraries.  Within your DataEngineRoom site, you can conduct full text search on PDF, Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents.

Other benefits include:

  • Document version control
  • Customisable data fields
  • Data and metadata search capabilities
  • Filtering, sorting and grouping of content
  • Secure access
  • Access from anywhere, all you need it an internet connection
  • Bulk document upload
  • Email reminder alerts (are contracts up for renewal, do bills need to be paid etc)

These are some of the main features and there are many more.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.